MFS IT Architecture Review and Optimization

It is always a challenge to launch mobile money services in highly unbanked markets. We provide you the architecture that allows rapid changes to product design, high throughput to manage customer experience and huge volumes of micro-transactions.

Hybrid of GSM & Banking IT

Skilled architects at DMM skilfully align corporate vision, business strategy and interconnected tactical objectives. With mobile client interfaces across multiple channels, our service help clients maximize customer reach. Channels like USSD, STK, SMS, J2ME, WAP, and Web that adds to complexity in terms of integration as well as user experience.


  • Opportunity assessment

    Traditionally Opportunity assessment is used when companies are considering entering new emerging markets or to start providing the services to their existing customers.

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  • Product Roadmap Development

    Roadmaps need to be maintained as “living” pictures which enable gaps and opportunities like “mobile money services” to be spotted when they occur rather than months down the line when finances may have been needlessly wasted and competitive advantages lost.

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  • 2nd Generation MFS Platform Migration planning and design

    According to experts in digital financial services, the 2nd generation platform will unlock a new era of transformational mobile financial services.

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  • Back Office Processes Optimization

    Your back office operations are often the very heart of your organization, but do you know whether they are working efficiently and serving purposefully as well?

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  • Risk Management Framework

    We consider RMF to be an integral part for an effective mobile money security program, which provides a disciplined & structured process to integrate information security & risk management activities into the mobile money system development life cycle.

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